Balneario Camboriu or, so called, Brazilian Las Vegas nowadays is one of the most popular tourist destination among South Americans. The cite on the area of 52 km² includes beautiful beaches, monuments, big choice of clubs and restaurants, nice climate, business and etc. It is located 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Itajaí and 80 km north of the state capital, Florianópolis, and has a population of  approximately 110 000 people, which increase to over one million in the summer. The main ocean boulevard is called Avenida Atlântica (Atlantic Avenue) with restaurants and shopping on the one side and beach on the other. Among other reasons why to visit Balneario Camboriu, we would like to mention the status of gay friendly city with range of gay clubs, saunas, gay-friendly hotels and etc.


Balneario Camboriu is famous with its pleasant soft climate: no horribly hot weather that makes you melt, neither chilling days during winter. In summer temperature varies from 25°C to 33°C; during the winter average temperature is around 14°C, but usually it feels much colder because of cold wind. The hottest months are January and February. The temperature of water in the ocean varies from 16°C (winter) to 24 °C (summer).

Gay friendly city

Balneario Camboriu was marked as growing gay friendly destination. In August 2012 was organized 1st Week of Diversity by Association of Parade of Diversity of Balneario Camboriu and tourist agency INBC Tour. During five days in the city were set cultural and sport events, parties and, of course, Parade of Diversity on Sunday afternoon. The opening ceremony took place in Sibara Flat Hotel around 19 h; after this guests could know each other better on cocktail party and enjoy cultural presentation. On Thursday as a traditional part of Week of Diversity everyone could take part in Games of Diversity – sport event for non-professional sportsmen. Friday was marked with educational seminar that started around 20 h about the harm of homophobia and in Slaviero Hotel was organized art exhibition with works of local artists. On Saturday everyone, who desired, spent a day in Beto Carrero World – the biggest amusement park in South America. Besides cultural events the week was full of gay parties in D. Led, Infinity blue with Djs from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis.

The principal event of the week, the Parade, took place on Sunday. Around 16 h people stated to get together in Almirante Tamandare square; beer and Dj made a perfect atmosphere for warm up party on the beach. Parade started around 17:30 from Barra Norte to Infinity Blue resort, where all who wanted could continue celebration.

Besides The Week of Diversity, BC has various options of LGBT parties, gay friendly restaurants, beaches and hotels.


Park Unipraias

The park was inaugurated in 1999 and occupies the territory within 85 000 m² ; we recommend you to dedicate one day for this park to enjoy the nature and tourist activities offered on its territory; we also suggest you to wear comfortable sport cloth cause you’ll walk a lot, and take your camera because the park has a lot of view point with amazing landscapes.

Arriving at the park, the first thing you will notice is cableway; the park is located on the hills, and 47 cable cars (bondinhos) connect south part of Balneario Camboriu to Laranjeiras beach.  The ticket price is R$30, 00.

The park has 500 m² of rainforest with treks to enjoy the nature and rest of big cities. Along tracks there are a lot of view points on the high of 240 m to take panoramic pictures of  BC on one side and Laranjeiras beach on the other side. Another activity in Unipraias is ecotourism in separated well-equipped zone with 140 m of treks and 12 different activities; the duration is approximately 40 minutes and you will receive the equipment.

One more new tourist attraction in this park is Youhooo! a sledge train for 2 people that with the speed of 60 km/h pass through the rainforest part of the park. Individual ticket: R$ 15,00.

Plus to all there is a small restaurant to have a snack and relax, also there is a chocolate house with special options for Easter or Christmas.

To get to the park it’s quite easy, just take a bondinho (small bus) on the main avenue, it will take you directly to the park.

Cristo Luz – post card of BC

The monument was inaugurate in October 1997 and became one of the main tourist attractions of BC. Being 33 m tall, this monument is considered the 2nd tallest in Brasil. The monument is located in complex Cristo Luz; the entrance cost is R$ 10, before 19h, and R$ 20, after 19h. It consists of food area with few restaurants, souvenir shops, museum with pictures showing the history of the city and the process of monument construction. The best option is to enter around 17-18h to take panoramic pictures of Balneario Camboriu in the daylight and to see the monument illuminated with 7 different colors symbolizing peace, light, nature, soul, love and etc after sunset.

Park Cyro Gevaerd

Established in 1981, the park consist of various sectors on 39 000 m², and its quite easy to find, just take the principal highway BR-101, the park is located on km 137. To get there by bus, take a line 103. As well as in Unipraias, be ready to spend here one day; this big territory includes:

Mundo das Aves – birds sector where you can see parrots, tucans, 4 lakes with swans and flamingos and etc.

Mammals sector with monkeys, lions, tigers, alligators and etc.

Terrarium with various species of snakes, spiders and etc.

Aquarium with around 50 species of fishes from fresh waters.

Archeological Museum, where you can observe fossils preserved from Indian Civilization.

Oceanographic Museum, where you can enjoy  big collection of rare species of fishes, corals, mollusks and etc.

The only one in the state Handy crafts Museum of Santa Catarina with around 700 works to take a look, made of leather, ceramics and other materials.

The last but not the least, Fishing Museum with exhibition about the art of fishing, which includes canoes, nets and etc.

The entrance price is R$ 8,00.

Beto Carrero World

In Balneario Camboriu is located the biggest amusement park in Latin America. If you like adrenalin and roller-coasters you definitely need to spend a day there. The park is located in the municipality of Penha, Santa Catarina state and it has a total area of 14 square km². Beto Carrero World is divided on: Nation’s Avenue, Animal World with zoo, aviary and etc, German Village, Old West, Pirate’s Island, Radical Adventure with Big Tower - the highest attraction of the park, with 100 meters of free fall that reaches speeds of 120 km / h, Fantasyland and Automotive Complex.


Talking about beaches in Balneario Camboriu you have 10 options to choose, and 3 of them are considered gay friendly. Priaia do Buraco – a small beach in the North part of the city; Praia Taquarinhas  - usually more animated during high season and has a good structure. But if you want to feel yourself 100% free and, maybe, meet someone – go to Praia do Pinho. The beach is divided in 2 parts with line of stones, one part is popular among  naturist and other is considered gay, so feel free to relax on the sand with your partner.  If you want to have sand, sea, shopping and bars all together then go straight to Central beach along Atlantic avenue.


BC is a paradise for each gourmet: sea food, fast food, bars with draft beer, Italian restaurants and much more. It’s not a secret, any city on the ocean coast usually has big variety of restaurants offering high quality of seafood. Fresh shrimps, oysters, mullet and much more. If you don’t know what to eat just come to main Atlantic avenue or Brazil avenue and choose what you want; it’s full of bar and restaurants, like Didge with interesting design in Australian style, Guacamole with atmosphere of Mexico and tasty nachos. If you desire a glass of really god draft beer go straight to Chaplin Bar.  Among sea food restaurants, we can underline Batuque Na Cozinha, a restaurant with a sea view, which main dish is grilled mullet covered with a sauce of capers, served with shrimps, rice, salad and beans.


With a wide range of nightclubs and bars, BC is considered a party destination in Santa Catarina. It offeres you a choice of stylish GLS clubs with parties for all tastes.

Levion club is famous with its variety of music styles, like, house, electro, axe, pagode, rock, reggae and etc., depending on a schedule. Besides dance floor, there you can find a bar with cocktails, beer, soft drinks and dark room. If you are looking for a place that combines both: place to talk and dance floor, go to London Night Club. It includes a bar with sofas and tables to have a drink and talk and a dance floor to dance till sunrise.  One more awesome place to go out is D. Led club with its luxury design, 3 VIP areas and high quality sound system. If the day is sunny, there is an opportunity to combine both party and beach atmosphere  in Vitali Beach Lounge – new gay beach club in Balneario Camboriu that is opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 9h to 21h and is located in Estaleirinho Beach.

If you are tired of parties and want to ralax, BC can offer you two gay saunas: Sauna Clube and Sauna Batel with massage, swimming pool, dark room and saunas.